Cowboy Speakers: Upcycling Up to 30,000 cm3 of Textile Waste

Today we present our latest project focused on circular economy! For the first time for the public, the Cowboy Speakers! (or Texas Speakers, we are still deciding on the name). As can be seen at a glance, they are designed with panels composed of textile waste. In this case, jeans.

With this innovative circular product design we aim to give a second life to up to 30,000 cm3 of textile waste per pair of loudspeakers. The textile waste is converted into solid blocks after shredding and pressing, using only natural resins in the process.

Concept of loudspeakers composed of textile waste.

Credit for this innovative process goes to the folks at PlanQ, we have shaped it so that the most engaged consumers can enjoy music in the comfort of their homes.

These circular loudspeakers are a project in development, and we are currently seeking funding to contribute in this way to the much-needed recovery of materials. We hope to be able to provide news soon!

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